Pavages Varennes

Founded in 1969, Pavages Varennes specializes in the conception and manufacturing of conventional and high performance hot-mix bituminous concrete and warm and cold asphalt mix. One quarry and two mixing plants can be found on the Varennes’ large site, which allow them to provide efficient services to a diverse clientele. This location is also equipped with a cement and bituminous concrete recycling site.

This division has been a leader in the development of new mixing techniques, as it is equipped with a research laboratory that analyzes and validates bituminous concrete’s characteristics and compliance.

The Pavages Varennes team will cater to all of your needs, thanks to its expertise, outstanding service, attention to detail and quality products.

Products Services
Crushed stones Mineral recovering and recycling
Single-sized aggregates Snow removal services
Road abrasives Drying of granular materials
Recycled material (MR) Laboratories
Conventional plant mixes  
Top-Mix (in bulk)  
Range of coated Smart Mix  
Range of coated Hi-Tech  

Pavages Varennes
3350, Butte-aux-Renards
Varennes (Québec) Canada
J3X 1P7

phone   450-652-9818
fax  450-652-0947

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Stéphan Lefebvre
phone   Cell. : 514-978-1173
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